Glorify The Father

“Whoever offers praise glorifies me; and to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God (Psalms 50:23).

 This is one of those “read between the lines” passages of scripture David uses to do several things: (a) praise God, (b) issue a royal decree, (c) issue a warning, and (d) offer a reward. No one can argue that David was not a man of God and inspired to speak as a messenger of God. In two earlier posts “Why Do the Heathens Rage” and “Conformed or Transformed” I spoke of man’s tendency to behave poorly. As noted, this behavioral defect is rooted in a misunderstanding or lack of understanding of the words and will of God, as well as, our relationship with Him.

The following paragraph is from an article I read on yesterday: If you’ve ever responded to tragedy by raging at God, you’re not alone. A new study finds that anger at God is a common emotion among Americans. The anger often stems from the belief that God is responsible for bad experiences, according to the research, which is published in the January issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. But anger isn’t an indication that someone is turning his or her back on God, said study researcher and Case Western Reserve University psychologist Julie Exline. “People can be angry at God while still feeling love or respect toward God,” Exline told LiveScience. “In other words, the feelings are not mutually exclusive.”

Well Professor, I vehemently disagree, you cannot, and I repeat you cannot equate your human emotions or mindset (personality) with spiritual reverence to God. God is not your spouse, child, relative or neighbor. God is your Creator!  Many Christians are angry with God for any number of reasons and none are justifiable in my humble opinion. Let me make one specific point, God created man for His glory and not vice-versa. The purposed end of man on earth is not in eternal happiness or drama-free living, but holiness. Nowadays we have too many things that we hold in higher reverence than the Creator and we are absorbed with them, we get angry when God has to nullify them. At all costs a person must be rightly related to God, as a child of God, not as a spoiled and insolent brat.

A mature relationship with the Lord embodies three components; (1) knowledge of Him, (2) covenant with Him and (3) worship of Him. These elements represent the complete love of God. “The chief end and duty of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever” states the Westminster Catechism. Someone else described worship as “a romance with God, an idealistic adventure of the extravagant and the mysterious in the spiritual realm.” Worship means to practice the presence of God in everything we do, every time we do it. Anger towards God restricts our access to His presence and tender mercies. Do not rely on the ill-formed notion that God understands how you feel, understanding does not imply acceptance.

We live in a society that truly needs to see the glory of God expressed in a spiritually mature and empowered church. May be we can submit to the ministry of the One who has come to magnify God in Christ Jesus and His great work among the people of God instead of social-science and technology. “To Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen” (Ephesians 3:21). I will have more to say on this subject tomorrow in Part Two. Be blessed and bless someone in Jesus’ name.

Grady Norman Greene, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Our Christ


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I am a "Man of God, With No Regrets" in service to Him through service to His people as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Our Christ. I pray to the Father: "Lord let me live in service to You, die in peace with You, and be raised up in Christ Jesus to be spend Eternity with You." Amen. Grady Norman Greene Presiding Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Our Christ The Third Cross Congregation of Jesus Our Christ
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