When Bad Things Happen To God’s People

“For all the things which I greatly feared, is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet, yet trouble came” (Job 3:25-26).

It is not a question of if something bad will happen to you it is a matter of when. Bad things happen to good people all the time, it is a part of life. Please understand there’s a difference between good people and God’s people. You can be a good person and not be one of God’s people, because, in the same context you cannot be God’s, that is of God, and not be good. God is good all the time and we are commanded to be likewise. His mercy endures forever and He is merciful to those who show mercy to others.

The Psalmist tells us; “Trust in Him at all times, O people, pour out your hearts before Him, God is a refuge for us” (Psalms 62:8). There is nothing wrong in being a good person however it is far more beneficial to be one of God’s people. At some point in our life we are going to come face-to-face with adversity; sickness, death, tragic accidents, disappointments, loss of a love one or property, depression, rejection, bad news and the blues. What separates good people from God’s people is how they react when bad things happen to them.

I do not wish to lump everyone into the same pile, but this is what I have come to believe. I believe most people, good and bad, have some faith in God, and it varies from person to person. By the same token I believe it is necessary for God’s people to have absolute faith in Him. Some faith works some time, absolute faith works all the time, absolutely!

The Old Testament offers three wonderful examples for all Believers in how we are to react when bad thing happen to God’s people:

  1. Job – “Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground and worshiped” (Job 1:20).
  2. David (before he became King) – “David was greatly distressed. But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God” (I-Samuel 30:6).
  3. King Hezekiah“He turned his face to the wall, and prayed unto the Lord saying, I beseech thee O’Lord” (II-Kings 20:2).

Job a good and upright man understood the power of worship and praise in good times and during periods of adversity. He was not reluctant to acknowledge that God created both. Through our worship we follow the young David’s example and encourage ourselves in the Lord at all times. The longer the interval between the acts of worship the colder the relationship grows between God and the worshiper. King Hezekiah was a 25-year old King of Judah and a son of David, like his father he knew that God hears and answers the tearful prayers of those that seek Him in good times and at the heights of adversity.

I pray that you understand that in the face of adversity, when bad things happen to God’s people, you are never alone. You must trust and believe that God is able to finish the good things He started in your life. Hold onto the Lord even when any of the things which you greatly fear come upon you. Depart not from following Him and the Lord will be with you and you will prosper where ever you go. Be blessed and bless someone in Jesus’ name.

Grady Norman Greene, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Our Christ


About The Third Cross Congregation of Jesus Our Christ

I am a "Man of God, With No Regrets" in service to Him through service to His people as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Our Christ. I pray to the Father: "Lord let me live in service to You, die in peace with You, and be raised up in Christ Jesus to be spend Eternity with You." Amen. Grady Norman Greene Presiding Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Our Christ The Third Cross Congregation of Jesus Our Christ
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